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Building a Roadster Body Set with Ron Covell (DVDs Parts 1 and 2)


Universal DVD, 3 hours

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This two DVD set contains:

Building a Roadster Body – Part 1: Making the Buck, 70 minutes.

The first step in many large metalshaping projects is building a buck. A buck is a pattern, or form, that captures all of the key dimensions, contours, and details of an object in three-dimensional space. In some cases, details such as flanges and intricate contours are created by hammering metal directly against reinforced portions of the buck.

The techniques used to make sophisticated bucks are not widely known, and many people have called us requesting a step-by-step description of the process, using tools the average builder may already have. You’ll learn a fast way to use sheetmetal angles to model large, complicated shapes with surprising accuracy, and you’ll get insight into the way Ron works through the challenges presented by each element of the buck.

His detailed, easy-to-follow commentary, coupled with striking close-up photography makes each step easy to follow, and you’ll learn how to build sturdy, accurate bucks – the foundation for your large-scale metalshaping projects! 

70 minutes. Copyright 2011.

Building a Roadster Body Part 2 – Making the Turtledeck with Ron Covell (DVD)

In part one, Ron made a wooden buck to help build a 1927 Ford roadster body. In this program, he fabricates the back half of the body – the ‘turtledeck’.

This is a challenging project, and Ron shows how to do the work with a wide variety of tools, including an English wheel, shrinker, stretcher, beading machine, and a Dake ‘Universal’ machine. You’ll learn about stretching, shrinking, doming, flanging, beading, welding, forming reverse curves, and many other advanced metalworking techniques.

He makes extensive use of a hand-held rivet gun, which is a fantastic way to move metal! There are in-depth demonstrations of metalfinishing, and of removing oil cans with heat shrinking.

You’ll love Ron’s approach to this complex project, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces, with great close-up photography and crystal-clear commentary.

Whether you’re a beginning or advanced metalworker, you’re sure to gain a wealth of knowledge from this fascinating project!

109 minutes. Copyright 2012.

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