1) THE EDM HOW-TO BOOK, BY BEN FLEMING: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a process that uses electrical discharges from an electrode to erode an electrically conductive material. As a result, it is possible to erode or “burn” the shape of the electrode into the workpiece. If you need a square hole, (or other unique shape) in a part make a square electrode and burn it into the part. This machine is great for removing broken bolts, taps, easy outs, drills, and studs etc. from expensive work pieces!

Learn about Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and the tools available to make beautiful custom jewelry, remove broken bolts and taps, and “burn” unique shapes into your workpiece.

NEW- Revised edition with more photo’s drawings and sources

2BUILD AN EDM BY ROBERT P. LANGLOIS: Remove metal by spark erosion through electrical discharge machining. Descriptive hand-penned drawings put the author at your elbow. 

Electrical Discharge Machining — Removing Metal by Spark Erosion, first published as a series in The Home Shop Machinist.

Fun to make, fascinating to use — perfect results!

Softbound. 56 pages.

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Ben Fleming