If you’ve read the book, The Mastermyr Find (sold by Artisan Ideas), you’ll know that a Viking period tool chest was found in 1936 on the Swedish island of Mastermyr which was full of ancient blacksmithing and carpentry tools. That book documents the tools.

This DVD shows you how to make an exact replica of that chest, but you’ll need some woodworking and blacksmithing skills to complete the project.

You’ll enjoy this Viking tool chest DVD if:

·                                 You want to learn how to build a wooden chest for your tools

·                                 You’re fond of Viking-style woodwork

In Build a Viking Tool Chest with Don Weber, you’ll ultimately learn how to make a wooden chest—one that’s both useful and a piece of history. This Viking tool chest tutorial shows how to reproduce a 1,000-year-old chest with traditional methods and tools that Viking builders would have used, providing you with an authentic building experience. Found in a Swedish bog, the original chest contained tools similar to those you’ll use to make your own version.

In Build a Viking Tool Chest you’ll discover how to:

·                                 Surface lumber as the Vikings did

·                                 Hand-cut through mortise-and-tenon joinery

·                                 Make and use wooden pegs

·                                 Hand-forge classic hardware

·                                 And more!

About the instructor:

Don Weber is a bodger (chairmaker) specializing in Windsor and Welsh-style stick chairs. He’s also a teacher and blacksmith; his shop and home are in Paint Lick, Kentucky.

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