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Wood Finishing Basics with Michael M. Dresdner (DVD)

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Surface Prep, Wipe-On and Spray Finishing, and a Visit with a Finishing Expert

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 In this DVD, finishing expert Michael Dresdner shows you what you need to know to become a proficient wood finisher, starting with classic surface-prep problems and their solutions — how to recognize and remove dents, how to recognize and fill gouges, how to pre-raise wood grain to get the best results under waterborne finishes, and, most important, how to sand wood. 

You’ll learn how to apply a simple wax finish, shellac-and-wax, and a polyurethane with only a rag for a tool. It’s a simple process: rag on your finish, wipe it off, let it dry, recoat. Youve got to see this to learn how little you have to do to get a classy, silky, surface thats ideal for most indoor furniture. 

Next, Dresdner visits woodfinishing expert Chris Minick, who teaches you how to brush on a flawless polyurethane varnish finish. 

Finally, Dresdner explains the simple principles of spray finishing and guides you through the potentially confusing landscape of modern spraying tools. You’ll find out how to set up each type of spray equipment, how to adjust spray patterns, and how to apply all the major coatings to a variety of furniture types — a chair, a tabletop, a bookcase — and to a guitar. 

This DVD is a compilation of three Video Workshops (Starting to Finish, Three Simple Finishes,and Spray Basics) and a segment from The Woodfinishing Video. 


65 minutes.

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