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Bent Iron Work by Paul N. Hasluck – U

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Softcover, 160 pages, illustrated

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“Some of this appeared in Paul Hasluck’s ‘Metal Working’, also available from Artisan, but you get much more here.

Consider this light blacksmithing. You don’t need heat, but you do need a bench anvil, hammers, pliers, and other sturdy tools to turn iron strap into fancy lamp brackets, vase stands, candlestick brackets, unusual picture frames, fancy grills, fire screens for your fireplace and much more. Fastening is done with simple clamps and rivets.

Chapters include tools and materials; bending and working strip iron; simple exercises in bent iron; floral ornaments for bent iron work; candlesticks; hall lanterns; screens; grilles, etc.; table lamps; suspended lamps and flower bowls; photograph frames; magazine rack; floor lamps; and miscellaneous examples.

Projects he shows are British in design: grilles and screens from Winchester and Chichester cathedrals, and Westminster Abbey, and the like. Beautiful stuff.
Small book from 1903. We enlarged it somewhat to fill the page, and so we old codgers can read it more easily. Loaded with great how-to. There’s a copy here for you.” – Lindsay

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