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Basic Engraving: For Those Who Want to Learn the Art of Engraving by Benno L. Heune



Spiral bound, 45 pages, illustrated

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Benno Heune wrote what is considered to be the best introductory book on engraving ever…"Basic Engraving".

This book presents the basics in an easy-to-understand format. Every engraver will gain important knowledge from this useful book. Spiral bound, 45 pages.

Ben Heune was a member of the Firearms Engravers of America (FEGA), and lived in
Bridgeport, CA.
His first foray into engraving came in 1944, while he was convalescing at a military hospital at
Pearl Harbor. He engraved knives and guns for fellow servicemen, charging .25/word.
After WW II, Heune returned to
Modesto, CA, where he worked as a firefighter.
In 1955, he left the fire service to buy a sporting goods store and marina in
Bridgeport. Ben studied under Jack Morris in their saddle and silver shop, and he did some contract engraving work for silver shops in Reno, NV.
20 years after buying the sporting goods store, Heune sold it and took up the practice of engraving with (and teaching classes on) the ‘Gravermeister, hand-engraving machine.
The ‘Gravermesiter’ is best likened to a miniature air-hammer, in that it is a compressed-air-powered graver, and allows the complex engraving of very hard materials (like guns).
Heune eventually sold Gravermeisters, conducted class on both manual (‘graving’) and Gravermeister engraving. His students ranged in age from the very young to the elderly, and there are still folks active in the profession who remember him and his classes.
He taught NRA engraving classes at
Lassen College in California, and for Rio Grande in Tucson, Arizona.

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Spiral bound