This is an original DVD produced and manufactured by FEGA, the Firearms Engravers Guild of America.

Like most early FEGA DVDs, this 1991 production has amateur camera work and the sound quality is not excellent. With that said, the presenter, Terry Wallace, who has been engraving since 1959, really knows his stuff. We offer the older FEGA DVDs because we believe that any advice at all, any one technique, tip or trick that you can pick up from a master engraver will pay back the price of the DVD many times.

In this 1991 live FEGA lecture Terry covers:

Historical data – line engraving, banknote engraving, dot engraving; Shading techniques; Graver and punches – preparation, sharpening; Techniques and tools used for successful gold inlay;  Preparation and use of burnishers and scrapers;  Using the pantograph for reduction, layout and pattern transfer; Proper use of Chinese white. Running time is about one hour and 50 minutes.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!!!: FEGA DVDs are filmed live at FEGA seminars. They give you the exceptional opportunity of learning from some of the best engravers and artists in the United States.

The educational content of FEGA videos is top-notch but these are not Hollywood productions.

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