This is an original DVD produced and manufactured by FEGA, the Firearms Engravers Guild of America.

In this lecture from a FEGA conference Mike Dubber was speaking to an audience made up predominantly of firearms engravers and does a good job of explaining how to break into the field of jewelry engraving and the basics of jewelry engraving.

This video’s drawback is that it was not professionally filmed and this can distract the viewer from Mike’s presentation. If you can get over the pans of the audience a few other distracting shots and the low lighting you will benefit from this dvd if you are a novice to jewelry engraving. Mike Dubber is an excellent engraver and not many of us have the opportunity of hearing a lecture by one of the greats, especially one who, through his teaching experience, is an excellent explainer. You will get some good ideas from this. Mike even covers the business end of jewelry engraving. The lecture covers: * Tools to use – how to make, prepare and use them.* How to obtain work from jewelry stores* Special methods of holding jewelry objects* Many other valuable tips on jewelry engraving.

This is a video recording of a FEGA seminar in 1999.


Michael W. Dubber has been engraving firearms since 1969. He received Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Arts from IndianaStateUniversity

and career areas have included teaching, jewelry manufacturing and sales, advertising and public relations.

His career began as a teacher of fine arts. Later, he spent six years in the jewelry business as a stone setter, engraver and manufacturing jeweler. He gained his knowledge of firearms engraving and gunsmithing through practical experience and by working with master gunsmiths. 

Michael’s favored subjects are turn-bolt and single-shot rifles. He works in English, German and American scrolls and enjoys doing sculptured gold inlaid game scenes. He has received many notable commissions including the 1992 American Custom Gunmakers Rifle and the 1993 Colorado Budweiser/Ducks Unlimited Shotgun. 


PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!!!: FEGA DVDs are filmed live at FEGA seminars. They give you the exceptional opportunity of learning from some of the best engravers and artists in the United States.

The educational content of FEGA videos is top-notch but these are not Hollywoodproductions. If you are looking for a product with slick packaging, do not purchase this item. If you are looking for excellent instruction on this subject, you will not be disappointed.

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