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Anvils in America and Anvils Through the Ages (Two Book Set!)



Two hardcover Bestsellers on Anvils in a Set

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These two bestsellers are ordered so frequently together that they are now being offered as a set.

Please refer to the individual listings for complete descriptions of the two books.

ANVILS IN AMERICA: Referring to Anvils in America is so common in blacksmithing and collecting circles that it is merely referred to as "AIA". Want to know when your anvil was made? Refer to AIA. Want to identify the maker of your anvil and learn their history? Refer to AIA.

Anvils in America is the single authoritative reference on anvils, their manufacture, history and lore. The early history of anvils starts with European makers, many long gone and now unknown. They are known only by the quality of their work and distinctive styles that are illustrated with photos by the author. The history continues with the dominance of the English anvil makers that had the power of the British Empire behind their distribution of anvils world wide. Later U.S. makers replace the dominance of the English and other countries start to export anvils to the U.S.Anvils in America documents much of this history through the makers of today.

This book is huge! (11¼ x 8½ x 1½ inches and almost 5 pounds!). 564 pages, Sewn hard cover binding, over 700 illustrations, published 1998.

ANVILS THROUGH THE AGES: This is a photographic study of the collection of Tim Kris’ of Brasstown, NC which contains anvils and anvil tools.

Pieces in this collection date back to the Roman and medieval times and include representations of more recent European and American periods.

They are representative of the full spectrum of tools used by blacksmiths, sawyers, jewelers, farriers and many other metalworking crafters that required the use of a sturdy device to help shape their wares.

An amazing collection!

Format: Hardcover;  Dimensions: 13 1/2" x 11 3/4";  Pages: 312;   Illustrations; 325  

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