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Advanced Techniques for the English Wheel with Kent White (2 DVDs)



Techniques for High-Quality Work with the Wheeling Machine. Universal DVD, 2 hours and 20 minutes

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This DVD covers many, many techniques, methods and solutions that are essential for high-quality work with the Wheeling Machine.

Steve Paralieu, builder of over 70 Winston Cup car bodies, helped me with this film, and said afterwards that he gained many years’ experience in the hours he helped me make this 8’ polished panel.

Learn how to keep the panel from flopping, keep from slipping off the edge of the panel, how to make accurate and repeatable pressure adjustments, take care of little low spots, cure waviness, etc.

We make an 8′ X 34″ polished panel for a Spartan Executive fuselage using .032″ 2024 T3 (heat-treated Alclad aluminum).

2 Hours and 20 Minutes.

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2 Hours and 20 Minutes.