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A Treatise on Gear Wheels by Gearge B. Grant


Softcover, 108 pages, illustrated

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To most mechanics a gear is a gear.


"A yellow primrose by the shore,

A yellow primrose was, to him

And it was nothing more;"

And, in fact, the gear is often a gear and nothing more, sometimes barely that.

But, if the mechanic will look beyond the tips of his fingers, he will find that it can be something more; that it is one of the most interesting objects in the field of science research, and not the simplest one; that it has received the attention of may celebrated mathematicians and engineers; and that the study of its features will not only add to his practical knowledge, but also to his entertainment. There is an element in mathematics, and in its near relative, theoretical mechanics, that possesses an educating and disciplining value beyond any capacity for earning present money. The thinking, inquisitive student of the day is the successful engineer or manufacturer of the future.

The book is filled with wonderful turn of the century illustrations of gear wheels and gear cutting of every description.

Softcover, 108 pages, illustrated

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