This is an original DVD produced and manufactured by FEGA, the Firearms Engravers Guild of America.

NOTE ON THE PHOTOS: The photos on this page are NOT taken from this video. They are simply examples of Master Engraver William Gamradt’s exceptional engraving work depicting wildlife, the subject of this presentation.

DESCRIPTION:  Covers the basics including the important subjects of sourcing images, copyright, and transferring and cutting artwork.

Filmed at a FEGA seminar in 2000.

WILLIAM GAMRADT: An artist and engraver, Bill is well known for his illustrations for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as well as his engraving. Along with engraving, Bill also works in oils, watercolors and original etchings.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING!!!: FEGA DVDs are filmed live at FEGA seminars. They give you the exceptional opportunity of learning from some of the best engravers and artists in the United States.

The educational content of FEGA videos is top-notch but these are not Hollywood productions. If you are looking for a product with slick packaging, do not purchase this item. If you are looking for excellent instruction on this subject, you will not be disappointed.

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