This informative, 70-minute DVD really brings you up to speed on TIG welding. If you are thinking about purchasing a TIG welder, the money on this DVD may very well save you hundreds of dollars by helping you select the correct machine for your application. If you already have a TIG welder, the DVD gives you a through the helmet view of TIG welding. 

The DVD opens with the different models of HTP TIG welders, and explains the differences between them (AC or DC, HF starting or scratch starting, remote amperage control — do you know what you need?). We then cover TIG torches and the correct assembly of collets, collet bodies, alumina cups, and tungsten on the torch, along with specialty torches. 

The DVD then goes into the front panel controls, and explains slope up and down, post flow, final current, and pulsing. On the AC side, frequency and balance are explained in detail. Then, we give you a welder’s eye view of the TIG welding process, looking through our Striker Digital helmet, as if you are doing it yourself. We start out by running a bead, then a bead with filler, butt weld, lap weld, and fillet weld, in both steel and aluminum.

70 minute run time.

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70 minutes