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Toby Hickman’s Power Hammer Techniques (DVD)


Directed and Produced by Mark Aspery. Universal DVD, 86 minutes

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Toby Hickman has been blacksmithing since 1970. he has been forging on self contained pneumatic hammers since 1981 when he bought his first Nazel 2B Forging Hammer.

He owned and operated Waylan Smithy outside Petaluma, California from 1973 until he sold it in the summer of 2002. he then opened his current shop, Lost Coast Forge, on the Mendocino Coast of California where this DVD was shot and directed by Mark Aspery.

In this DVD Toby shows and describes how to make a pair of box jaw tongs which he will forge using his Striker 88# Air Hammer. To make the tongs several techniques and skills will be shown. These include: the hit turn technique; forging to dimension using stops; and the use of hand held tools under the power hammer dies. The tool needed to make the tongs will also be forged and its layout shown. 

At the end of the DVD is a section where the math is clearly explained which is necessary to calculate the amount of steel needed to forge the tongs from any stock size of 4140 of sufficient mass.

One hour run time. Copyright 2011.

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