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The Vise Squad: Precision Workholding and Measuring Techniques (Machining DVD)



Universal DVD, 53 minutes

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 Have you wanted to learn how to use a sine bar?  How to set up and hold a precise angle when milling a part?  How to deal with the trigonometry involved with finding the correct spaceblock height for a sinebar or vise?

This volume will demonstrate and explain the
use of precision, Kurt style and Sine vises, as well as sine bars and sine plates.

Some of the topics covered are:

Intro & Shop Safety
General vise mounting and basics
Screwless precision and sine vises
Angle plates
Law of Sines
Space blocks, main and alternate useage
Sine bars, plates, vises, compound angles
Kurt Anglelock Vise, and angular tramming

And with the purchase of this Volume, you’ve also purchased a Single-User License to use the "SineBuddy" Sine bar & Space block calculator included on the DVD! This calculator will take care of the trigonometry involved in calculating angles and spaceblocks!

Running time 53 minutes

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53 minutes