Written and published in Birmingham, Alabama by the late M.H. Cole in 1996. He was the author of four volumes of US Military Knives. The book is 153 pages of professionally hand lettered, hand drawn sketches of skinning knives from Abercrombie & Fitch to George Wostenholm & Son LTd.

At the end of the book are four pages of hand drawn knife company logos.

Format is 8 ½ x 11, 153 pages. The book is hardbound and beautifully illustrated.

Paul Granger wrote a review that says: "M H Cole is a masterful illustrator the likes of which are extremely few and far between. Tragically his books are out of print and difficult to find. "The Skinning Knife" is still available. I would encourage any serious knife collector to aquire a copy if at all possible. It chronicles this vital segment of our nations knife history expertly with fondness and respect. M H Cole is a BLADE magazine Hall of Fame member, and deservedly so. This book is a splendid example of his work and not to be passed over." Sadly, the author died just prior to release of this book.

From the preface: “In this book you will find over 100 different Sheffield made skinners illustrated and at least several hundred different American made skinners plus those made in Germany-France-Switzerland and a few other countries. ~ I have tried to show these knives just as they are and especially the name of the knives and any and all proof or trade arks on the blades or handles."

In his review the great Phil Spangenberger wrote: “M.H. Cole, a pioneer in the field of knife collecting and the author of four volumes of U.S. military knives, has compiled what is destined to become a standard reference work on these hunter’s utility knives. Don’t think this a treatise on the skinning knife’s history, because this tome is encyclopedic, using clear, hand drawn representations of more than 100 variations of skinners, along with descriptive text, revealing maker, dates sold and other pertinent details. There’s also a handy section depicting trademarks. The Skinning Knife is a worthwhile addition to any blade collector’s library.”

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