Remastered and compiled into a convenient collection, this is the complete four-DVD boxed set of a series of DVD videos, "Stocking the American Longrifle", which parallels the REVISED edition of Peter Alexander’s book, The Gunsmith of Grenville County. Included in the boxed set is a BONUS DVD, containing material that didn’t easily fit into the other four discs.

The complete set of DVDs contains almost ten hours of footage, covering every step of the process from design, shaping, and inletting.

DVD I: 1) laying out the stock; 2) cutting and shaping; 3) inletting the lock; 4) shaping and inletting the breech plug tang; 5) finishing the inletting of lock internals

DVD II: 6) Preparing the Butt Plate; 7) Inletting the Butt Plate (Easy Method); 8) Inletting the Butt Plate (Lehigh Valley); 9) Determining the Wrist (Lehigh Valley); 10) Shaping the Butt Stock – Lock side; 11) Designing and Shaping the Side Plate Panel;12) Shaping the Lock Side Wrist/Comb; 13) Shaping the Cheek Piece Side

DVD III: 14) the rollover line (lehigh valley rifle); 15) completing the shape of the butt stock; 16) planning the forestock; 17) making mortices for barrel lugs; 18) making and installing barrel lugs; 19) inletting barrel lugs into the stock; 20) making and installing barrel keys; 21) installing the white lightnin’ touch hole liner, coning the barrel; 22) ramrod pipes; 23) finishing the rear ramrod pipe

DVD IV: 24) shaping the upper forestock; 25) shaping the lower forestock; 26) inletting the tang portion of the rear pipe; 27) fastening the stock to the barrel; 28) muzzle cap (lehigh valley rifle);     29) muzzle cap (virginia rifle); 30) wrapping up

Bonus Disk: 1) inletting a swamp barrel; 2) final ornamentation; 3) finishing a ramrod; 4) inletting barrel lugs on a round barrel

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Peter Alexander


10 hours of footage