The flexshaft tool is probably used more often than any other available to the practicing craftsman. This machine and its numerous burrs, saws and other accessories free the jewelry maker from often laborious tasks and gives him the chance to preform numerous operations.

The Flexible Shaft Machine – Jewelry Techniques covers and presents information about Machines and Handpieces, Ring sizer and drill press, Wax turning lathe, Stone-cutting unit, Table saw, Burrs, Details of burr use, Finishing a cast ring, Sculpting a Ring with a cabochon, Creating a ring set with brilliants, Setting a brilliant stone in a bezel, Setting square stones, Constructing large prongs, Carving prongs, Prong sets and pearls, Stone ring with metal inlay, Cabochon-cutting, Metal inlay in carved stone, Plastics, Carving Wood, Turning tubes and wax on a lathe, Ivory-carving and inlaying, Chasing and engraving, Drilling, Riveting, Titanium, and Surface Textures. Included is list of suppliers and a gallery of flexible shaft machine work by contemporary artists. Soft cover, 11" x 8.5", 47 pages.

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