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The Blacksmith’s Craft: An Introduction to Smithing for Apprentices and Craftsmen

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A small book that really packs a punch! Hardcover, 104 pages, 248 Illustrations

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The Blacksmith’s Craft is an essential guide for contemporary artisans practicing handcrafts and one of the best blacksmith books for beginners.

  • 37 fundamental lessons tailored for novice blacksmiths.
  • Step-by-step instructions, clear photography, and detailed captions.
  • Explore the hearth, blast, anvil, and master all necessary skills and techniques.
  • Lessons on equipment, tools, fire management, work principles, materials, cutting cold metal, rings, and bends to precise dimensions.


Since 1952, Blacksmith’s Craft has been the go-to resource for teaching the timeless fundamentals of blacksmithing. In this initial volume of an ongoing series, the facsimile edition of this iconic British textbook encapsulates 37 foundational lessons, accompanied by crisp photography and descriptive captions. This blacksmith book presents traditional tools and techniques, emphasizing the enduring importance of mastering the classic cornerstones of the trade to comprehend the behavior of iron and steel.

Amid the modern revival of interest in blacksmithing, Blacksmith’s Craft stands as the primary source for learning blacksmithing, essential skills, tools, methods, and techniques within the realm of a blacksmith forge.

The book is divided in four parts. Part I describes the smith’s simple equipment and his tools, his fuel and fire, the processes he uses in his work and his raw materials. Parts II, III and IV open with a description of a particular technique which is essential to the lessons which are set out step-by-step in each part.

Each photograph illustrating a technique highlights specific technical details, showcasing elements such as body position, the proper grip of the tool in the hand, and the angle at which the work is held. A line drawing of the piece to be crafted precedes each lesson, facilitating a clearer understanding of progressive exercise stages. This approach familiarizes learners with the connection between drawings and tangible objects. A smith who has mastered these thirty-seven lessons will know the essentials of his craft.

Hardcover, 5 1/2” x 8 3/4”   104 pages, over 200 Illustrations


“Someone once asked us if there was a book that explained the basics one step at a time with clear language and nothing to guess about. This is that book.”Jock Dempsey, AnvilFire

“A very small book that really packs a punch. There are several books which are printed by RDC which use their now famous format, of step by step photographs and text in short lesson formats. Each lesson takes the apprentice or advanced student through a group of tasks which teach basic skills important to that specific field.
The Blacksmith’s Craft lessons include such things as basic forging techniques, hooks, fire welding, chain making, hooks and staples, harness and trace hooks, shackles, harrow bars, cart staples, plain square corner bends, and most important to the smith with few tools- the making of heavy blacksmiths tongs. Most of my tongs were made using the methods in the back of this book. If for no other reason, buy this book if you would like to make all your own heavy weight blacksmith tongs.”
Beautiful Iron

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