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The Art of Wrought Metalwork for House and Garden (Schmiedekunst am Haus) by Otto Schmirler.

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Hardcover,296 pages, 735 photos and illustrations

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The subject Otto Schmirler chose for this book is ironwork for buildings with emphasis on protection and ornamentation. This book is for craftsmen who already possess the basic knowledge of forging iron. All of the drawings and photographs in this book were hand-picked by Schmirler from his archives. These true-to-scale drawings formed the basis of his work. “The drawings of pieces reproduced here are all original and sketched by me”.
His drawings were used to faithfully record the details he would wrought in the iron, to file away for commissions in the future, and to pass on what has been learned. His drawings and photographs include sculptures, garden gates, letter boxes, gates and doors, lanterns, grilles for doors and windows, furnishings, balustrades, garden furniture, fountains, decorations, and screens.

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