In Volume Two ”The Art of Bead Rolling: All the Steps” metal fabricator and artist Jamey Jordan teaches new bead rolling techniques employing a widened array of tools including the new Bead Rolling Step Dies in the Mittler Bros. Jamey Jordan Signature Series line.

See for yourself how you can tackle more intricate and difficult projects once you’re armed with the tools and knowledge. Learn how to bring your metal working artistry to a whole new level in this info-packed DVD.

Copyright 2014, Run Time: 35 Min


Jamey graduated from MeridianHighSchool, MeridianCommunityCollege with a degree in Drafting Design 2001, Wyo-Tech, Larmine Wy, 2002 in Sheet Metal and Street Rod, and Tulsa Welding School 2003.

After working at several Hot Rod Shops across the South Jamey opened Handmade Seat Co. LLC in 2009. In2012 a partnership was formed with Mittler Bros Machine and Tool and the new Jamey Jordan Signature Series of Bead Rollers& Unique Rolls was introduced.

His work has appeared on West Coast Customs, Power Block, Search and Restore, and Muscle Car on Spike TV. He also  appreared on Stacey David Gearz Speed Channel in July.

He can  be seen demonstrating his art at SEMA in Las Vegas, GoodGuys Shows in Nashville and Ohio, and at the NSRA show in Lousiville, KY, or you can watch his unque style on his DVD “The Art of Bead Rolling”


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