"It is REALLY nice!! Great job! I learned a lot myself on this!" – Rex Pedersen, President, Firearms Engravers Guild of America

"I watched your video on my big screen here at home. Very nice job. Clearly presented. Made me want to rush to my studio to engrave a ring or two." – Jock Gifford, Jewelry & engraving instructor, North Bennet Street School, Brookline, MA


This instructional video is designed to get you up to speed quickly in the jewelry engraving field. Learn basic to advanced techniques that can put you in demand with local stores and manufacturers. Brightcut leaf borders are always in demand, but it doesn’t stop there. Learn high-end techniques of relief engraving, sculpting, and more. 120 minutes of close-up video focusing on ring engraving.


~ Running Leaf Border

~ Lumenesque Scrollwork

~ Relief Engraving

~ Sculpting scrolls & leaves

~ Nick & Round border


"Your video is a very powerful tool to aid the up and coming or any engraver with methods, techniques and opportunity to increase their earning power. I just wish that I had had access to this knowledge 40 years ago. it would have been a great aid in establishing myself as an engraver and making a living from it. The instructions are clear and simple and beautifully illustrated."– John Barraclough, Engraving instructor

"Your jewellery engraving DVD is 20 out of 10 on that one, Sam!!!! Clear, concise, informative, understandable, achievable and easy to follow with very clear instructions. A real winner and a ‘must have’ for any engraver at any level of skill." Andrew Biggs, New Zealand, Editor, The Engraver magazine

"If you’ve ever wanted to know the thought process behind drawing proper scroll work, this is the DVD for you! After watching this you will better understand exactly how and why the elements are placed in certain and precise locations to achieve a balanced, flowing design. The lessons are clearly demonstrated, carefully explained and are much easier to understand than simply looking at scroll work on your own and trying to figure out why it looks so good and how the artist went about it. You’ll learn both in a very detailed yet concise manner. This is the ultimate learning recipe for drawing beautiful scrolls; the only other ingredient needed is your imagination." – Tim Wells – Engraver

"Got your video today Sam and loved it. Camera work is great , sound good, and the engraving information is outstanding. The information shown is not just for the jewellry engraver. Every tip given and design cut can be used in many fields of the engravers work. Great job, this is one dvd that will get plenty of play. Thank you for making it available, a big thumbs up." – Eric

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Alfano, Sam


120 minutes