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Smiths’ Work by Paul Hasluck – U

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Softcover, 160 pages, illustrated

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Yes, yet another in the Hasluck series! Like the other volumes some of the material here is covered in Hasluck’s monster Metalworking: Tools, Materials & Processes that we’ve offered for years. But you get additional info here. And like all other Hasluck books, this material is a compilation of articles from Work magazine that existed a century ago in England.

Chapters include forges and appliances; hand tools; drawing down and upsetting; welding and punching; principles of formation; ending and ring making; miscellaneous examples of forged work; cranks, model work, and die forging, home-made portable forges, and manipulating steel at the forge.

You get much the same info as a multitude of other forging books, but you’ll find something a little different here. Remember, this is not about training professional blacksmiths. This was published for people like us. As a result you’ll find info on forging small links, connecting rods, and even small crankshafts on the home forge for use in building model engines.

You get a book loaded with details, and like the others, you’ll wish it were longer because it delivers the goods.

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