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Samuel Yellin: Metalworker by Jack Andrews (Softcover)

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Softcover, 116 pages, illustrated

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 " …Yellin is the king of the blacksmiths and a true inspiration to virtually anyone who has ever swung a hammer".  Anvil’s Ring, Summer 2000

"Spanning the years 1909-1940, Yellin’s work in iron is the culmination of classical 19th-century wrought iron design". –– S. Lechtzin, Temple University.

"This book is for architects, designers, historians, and blacksmiths. This book belongs in your library". — Nol Putnam, Artist-blacksmith

"Yellin was the most outstanding craftsmen in America in the twentieth century." — Chuck Hamsa, Writers Consortium

"Samuel Yellin Metalworker" is a photographic essay and documentation about the master artist-blacksmith Samuel Yellin – representing the culmination of 19th-century wrought iron design and fabrication. This book is the only attempt to record carefully the evolution of this artistic giant. In Philadelphia, from 1909 to1940, Yellin created wrought iron work for major clients and architects throughout the US.

There are the historic photos of Yellin and those who worked in this famous shop – 286 craftsmen in 1928. Better are the many pages of his wrought iron, each piece speaking volumes. There are gates, railings, keys, locks, fireplace sets, lighting devices, and whimsical creatures.

The scale of this work is sometimes overwhelming. There is a complete list of Yellin’s works recorded on job cards – these cards will help researchers in locating samples of this incredible work. Samuel Yellin’s masterpieces remain an important subject to examine, not only for blacksmiths but also for artists, architects, interior designers, historians, and anyone who works with or enjoys metalwork.

The Author

In 1972, Jack Andrews began blacksmithing by building his own forge, in a Tipi and teaching himself techniques—a unique learning experience. As a result, he wrote a book about the fundamentals of blacksmithing: "Edge of the Anvil, a Resource Book for the Blacksmith," which is now rewritten as the "New Edge."

In 1983, Andrews organized and designed the traveling show of the wrought iron work of Samuel Yellin, hosted by the Philadelphia College of Art. He organized three major workshops for aspiring blacksmiths that were held at the Yellin forge.

Later he worked as a design consultant at the Samuel Yellin, Metalworkers, from 1985 until 1990, with responsibility for the design of the wrought iron. His book "Samuel Yellin, Metalworker" was the result of this exposure.

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