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Ornate Scrollwork and Ornamental Design by Sam Alfano

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Softcover, 100 pages, over 300 ornamental design that can be used for professional or persanl use

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100 pages containing over 300 complex ornamental designs designed by master hand engraver Sam Alfano. Includes banners, frames, rule lines, flourishes, corner designs, stationery headers, labels and more. From simple scrollwork to incredibly complex intertwining arabesque, this collection will be an excellent study tool for those learning to draw scrolls, or for tattoo artists, hand engravers, or others requiring high grade ornamental art that’s ready to use. Purchasers are permitted to use the designs for their personal or professional use.

Sam has been studying and drawing ornamental art for over 40 years. His designs have been licensed over 100,000 times for use on many products from best selling novels to the royal wedding. This book includes some of his favorite designs in print form for the first time. Use a single image for your work and this book can pay for itself.

Some Reader Reviews:

The book is unbelievable and to be honest it made me feel like i have never learnt anything. I was expecting a few pages of your latest designs but what is there is the work of a lifetime. At least for me it is hard to imagine how you could draw so many different designs. Of course you have all my admiration for what I saw through those beautiful plates. Your designs demand for a lot of attention and concentration. – Simone Dainelli, Florence, Italy

Sam’s book is a great book. Best designs I have seen in any book and I probably have at least $20,000.00 worth of booksJerry Huddleston

Mr. Sam, your book lets me into your design and layout world like nothing I have ever seen; it will used for years to come. Thank You Sir!!Rob

Just got mine! That is one gorgeous high quality book! Lots of eye candy to enjoy! – MDE

Sam’s book arrived today, amazing body of work. Many thanks Sam – BLW

I received my book over the weekend and I’m so ecstatic! Thank you so much Sam for creating such a wonderful resource. – JB

Got my book yesterday. Quite a collection of some very complicated designs….a lot to study. – Big-Un

“It is a real winner! It will make a great addition to everyone’s library. This book is full of inspiration and beautiful designs. Thanks Sam!”Sam Welch

That book Sam, your design book; It’s by far the best and most relevant to modern engraving I have seen. Beautiful work, in every style you chose. Sincere congratulations to you Sam, because the book is a masterpiece. No hyperbole, that’s just what it is. – Damien Connolly

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