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Making Leather Knife Sheaths (3 Book Set)


3 Softcover Books at a special price. Over 440 pages and 950 color photos

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3 Great Books at a special price. Over 440 pages and 950 color photos

Making Leather Knife Sheaths volume 1

Protect that beautiful hand-forged knife you’ve just completed or keep your favorite piece of cutlery close for daily use with a leather sheath.

From basic leather working techniques to a completed sheath, this how-to book will walk you through the steps to produce your own fixed-blade knife sheath.

Choose from four different designs, each presented in detail, including a sheath with folded belt loop, a scabbard with leather lining and riveted belt loop, a sheath with safety strap and attached belt loop, and a scabbard with belt clip.

Complete with illustrated tips on sketching the sheath design and treating the leather, as well as four complete sheath patterns and a supply list, this guide will provide you with the know-how and tools to make sheaths of your own design.

Spiral-Bound, 144 pages, 350 photos & diagrams, 6" x 9". 

Making Leather Knife Sheaths, Volume 2

From basic leatherworking techniques to the professional-level tips you need to make your project its best, this how-to book will walk you through the steps to produce two top-quality welted sheath designs: a welted sheath with attached belt loop, and one with belt clip and protective strap.

Each part of the process, from making the first sketch to completing the final leather treatment, is explained in detail, with extensive step-by-step photographs and templates.A general introduction to sheath making, basic information about tools, and a glossary of technical terms are also included.

This book gives you the know-how to make these two sheaths, and also serves as a manual for developing others of your own design.

Spiral-bound, 144 pages, 300 color photos & diagrams

Making Leather Knife Sheaths, Volume 3:

This book shows how a welted leather sheath for a fixed blade is designed and constructed. It explains the basic principles and introduces variants executed in different ways. The reader can learn through these projects and use these techniques to create their own designs.

This volume teaches a welted sheath design with both a separate Mexican loop and a snap fastener. Each step, from the first sketch to the final leather treatment, is explained comprehensibly through words and images.

You will also find a template for each sheath. A general introduction to materials and tools rounds off this volume.


Spiral-bound, 152 pages, 300 color photos


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