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Have you forgone the pleasure of building a small, geared engine simply because the thought of having to cut your own gears brings a shiver down your metalworking spine?

Even if you can muster up the nerve, you realize that so called involute gear cutters cost an arm and a leg. You next need a set of eight cutters to enable you to cut the entire range of teeth for 12 to infinite rack. The cost in cutters alone can reach well over $200 before you even begin thinking about arbors to hold them. It’s no wonder many of us will simply go to the nearest gear vendor and put down $50 -$60 for a pair of small brass spur gears.

In this video you will learn the secrets of the HOB. You will not only learn how to use a hob, but you will also learn how to build one from scratch right on your small- to medium-size lathe and small milling machine. For a cost of about $3 in raw materials, you can make a hob that will not only enable you to easily make any number/tooth spur gear as well as a worm and worm gear. 

You will be amazed at how simple gear making can be! You can make any diametral pitch hob by simply following the diametral pitch chart that comes with the video. The video shows a 1/10” pitch spiral and straight hob being made and then used to make gears of various diameters. You will not need to compute anything.

All basic diameters for gear blanks for gears of any numbers of teeth will also be included within the info sheets that come with the package. If you rather use a calculator to figure out diameters, easy formulas for that are also included.

Once you have used a hob to cut a gear you will wonder why you would use anything else!!! 

With Jose Rodriguez.

4 Hour Run Time!!

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