This is a 1998 reprint of Lorus Milne’s classic book from 1950.

This book is an ideal text for students in trade and technical schools and in college engineering courses. It fills a gap in existing publications in the field by assuming no previous knowledge of shop techniques and requiring no apprenticeship in which to learn to handle tools by imitating others.

The book explains why each tool is used in a certain manner and describes the basic principles of design and construction. The unique illustrations serve to emphasize important details that are often lost in the usual photograph or drawing. Hobbyists and others engaged in home study will find the book invaluable.

The well-rounded coverage of each subject and the author’s easily readable and readily understandable style, together with the profusion of illustrations, provide all the essential knowledge of machine tools for the student who wishes to pursue machine shop trades as well as a reliable path to mechanical comprehension for those who find frequent occasion to use shop tools. 

5-1/2 x 8-1/2 – Softcover – 376 pages.

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