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Ironwork Today: Inside & Out, Volumes I and II by Dona Z. Meilach and Jeffrey B. Snyder


Hardcover, 256 pages and 500 pages

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VOLUME ONE: Here is an excellent visual foray into the world of the artist-blacksmith. Dona Z. Meilach discovers the growing numbers of men and women who revel in lighting up a forge and shaping hot, malleable iron into beautiful, useful objects. Blacksmiths today make both monumental and modest architectural accompaniments, from public art to an infinite number of items we encounter every day.

With this book, you will gain an appreciation of the medium and its creators. Smiths will find the book a great source of inspiration and ideas.

Over 480 color photographs highlight objects for indoor and outdoor use, including fences, railings, gates, doors, sculpture, furniture, lighting fixtures, candleholders, and more. Some are truly ‘modern’ in style while others are inspired by historical references, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Craftsman, and Victorian styles.

Today’s blacksmiths, designers, artists, and homeowners will find unparalleled inspiration for creating unique yet practical surroundings.

Hardcover, 256 pps., 482 color photos, 11" x 8 1/2". Copyright 2006.  By Dona Z. Meilach

VOLUME TWO: Hundreds of beautiful color photos display the varied, impressive iron artwork from today’s artist-blacksmiths.

See a variety of styles, from Modern to Victorian, in original works for homes, offices, and public spaces. This metal art ranges in scope from massive public monuments to small, everyday objects and includes sculpture, gates, railings, furniture, lighting fixtures ranging from chandeliers to lamps and candleholders, doors, locks, and more.

Concise text introduces each artist and their work. This book is the second in a series pioneered by the late Dona Meilach and provides readers familiar with her work with a new look at some of the artists they have come to know as well as an introduction to artists not previously known.

This book will quickly become a prized possession, critical reference, and inspiration for designers, artists, and blacksmiths alike.

Hardcover, 500 Color Photos, 256 pages, 8 1/2" x 11".  Copyright 2008.  By Jeffrey B. Snyder.

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