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Iron Artists Set: Lives Shaped by Steel plus Passion & Power (2 volumes) by Nancy Zastrow

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Obtain both of these excellent books together. The first shows the work of East Coast metal artists and the second showcases the work of West Coast metal artists.

LIVES SHAPED by STEEL: Celebrating East Coast Outdoor Metal Artists. This book celebrates East Coast metal artists, and focuses on their outdoor work – the kind of gates or railings, signs or sculptures that add beauty to the world. The very best examples of this kind of metalwork show that the metal has become a part of its place. Each needs the other: a gate would look interesting but lost in the blacksmith’s shop; the garden would be just a garden without the gate in place. When the gate and the garden are together, magic happens. The author asks how the artists do their work, where they get ideas, what challenges they face, and how they got started in their special profession.

Blacksmiths will learn how others have established successful businesses, working with discriminating, high-end clients, as well as clients with smaller projects and pocketbooks.

There are also fascinating interviews with over forty metal artists, delving into their philosophy of design and approach to their craft.

Softcover, 11” x 8 ½” format, 248 pages, with over 300 color photos.

PASSION and POWER: Metal Artists in Western U.S. Metal artists are growing in number, and the West Coast of the country is home for many great ones.

This book introduces you to over 50 metalsmiths in Western U.S. The artists speak about the work and their lives to give you an idea of what it takes to excel at this difficult art.

Over 880 color photos and 416 pages invite you to enter the world of interior and exterior metal art.

Hardback: 8 1/2 x 11” format, 416 pages, with over 800 color photos.

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