If you are just starting out and wish to have a good overview, then the great Kent White, the Tin Man, has chosen these DVDs specifically for you.

It is difficult in the beginning of learning a skill so you need some inspiration and careful instruction, both to keep your interest and also to feed your curiosity. And our price savings helps, too.

4 DVD Set Includes:

-Shrinking Magic DVD;

-Autobody Steel Patch Panels DVD;

-Fender Arches DVD;

-Repairing Structural Tubing DVD.

The entire running time for the 4 DVDs is almost 5 hours!

These 4 DVDs cover hand tools, measuring, cutting, forming, form blocks, patterns, shrinking, stretching, Pullmax, Air Hammer, and gas welding and spot welding, too. Kent says he would have learned a heck of a lot faster if these videos had been available back in the 1970s, and also he’d have saved a bunch of learning curve time and wasted efforts on mistakes, too!

Please see the individual product listings of these DVDs for complete descriptions.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs

4 hours and 55 minutes.