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Gas Welding Aluminum with Kent White Vol 2, “The Difficult” (2 DVDs)



Universal DVD, 3 Hours and 14 Minutes

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(This 2-DVD set is designed to be a companion to the DVD, Gas Welding Aluminum .) 
Since producing our first DVD on aluminum gas welding I have given many workshops and public demonstrations, written several articles, and have discovered much more research information on this topic. In that first film I deliberately avoided the higher-strength alloys along with brazing and soldering. I wanted to keep that video short and to a specific point: teaching people to gas weld aluminum and with a minimum of fuss. Now, after these ensuing years, it is time to delve into the more complex aspects of this science/art. One might say I have been preparing for this companion film for years, and it’s true. This new film deals with the higher-strength aluminum alloys of the 5000 and 6000 series, along with techniques for the soldering and brazing of all aluminum alloys. 
First, I want to give the viewer/student a lot of clearly demonstrated “torch-time” on all the points covered here. This is a fascinating topic, the methods are amazingly practical and it is simply a lot of fun to solve aluminum joining problems with solid technical know-how. In fact, as I was filming this material hundreds of teaching and research episodes came to mind, greatly supporting our effort. 
Second, I wanted to cover all of the gritty set-up and trouble-shooting information, because so much misinformation gets passed around and just confuses people. Also, I wanted to show different approaches to single problems. Since welders constantly ask me about the “TIG vs Torch” issue, I was more than ready to finally contrast all of the pros and cons with both welding systems. 
Setting up the oxy-acetylene welding rig, with leak-testing, safety, and proper adjustment of the torch is a standard-but-essential step-by-step procedure. Alloy selection, cleaning and preparation of the material and filler, and mixing and application of the aluminum welding flux are also requisite, so I chose to include them. Crack prevention, which is necessary with the higher-strength aluminum alloys, is shown in depth, and will help to solve a lot of your problems. The intricacies of Butt joints, Tee joints, and Lap joints are thoroughly described and demonstrated. 
Brazing and soldering are covered in two specific segments, with proper cleaning, flux and filler selection and strength and corrosion issues. 
This is a comprehensive teaching aid with an enormous amount of information. Chapter headings are set to each topic for ease of access. The through-the-lens segments can be set for repeat play, making it wonderfully easy to get the “feel” by watching first hand as long as you like. You might get intellectual indigestion by absorbing all of this in one go, so try to do it in several sittings. This film should be a real treat for all of you wanting to do more than just 1100 and 3003, and I hope you like watching it as much as I did in presenting it. Kent White 
3 Hours and 14 Minutes!

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3 Hours and 14 Minutes