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Forging a Bearded Viking Axe with Jim Austin (DVD)



Universal DVD, 51 minutes

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“Forging a Bearded Viking Axe” will teach you how to use traditional blacksmithing skills and hand tools to forge an axe with the strength, keen edge and beauty of pieces produced by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. 

Axes were among the most useful tools and weapons wielded by craftsmen and warriors of those times, and were crafted with great care and pride by the Viking blacksmith. 

In this DVD the process of forging a bearded axe will be explained in great detail and some special tools will be introduced which will make the process easier.

The DVD was professionally edited to be concise enough for general interest, but explains the whole axe-making process with enough detail to enable a smith of intermediate skill to forge such an axe.

51 minutes. Copyright 2011.

Produced by Jim Austin and Mark Aspery

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51 minutes