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Elements of Machine Work by Robert H. Smith


Hardcover, 192 pages, fully illustrated

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This is hardcover a reprint of the 1919 edition of Robert Smith’s “Text-book of the Elements of Machine Work, Prepared for Students in Technical, Manual Training, and Trade Schools, and for the Apprentice in the Shop”.

The series of Machine Work books carried out by Robert H. Smith focuses on giving the beginning machine worker the advantages of textbooks in the older subjects so he may acquire the fundamentals as well as advanced principles in a logical, systematic and progressive manner.

The machines, mechanisms and tools are illustrated graphically by means of original perspective and mechanical drawings, and are briefly and systematically described by condensed tables.  These condensed schedules identify the material, operations, machines, speeds, feeds, jigs, fixtures and tools used to carry out the specified processes described in this book.

Chapter Contents:

History and Origin of Machine Tools, Laying Out Work, Chipping, Filing, Scraping, Material Used for Machine Construction, Standards of Linear Measurements, Polishing, Babbitting, Brazing, Straightening and Bending, Peening and Riveting, Tables and Other Data Used in Machine Work and so much more.

This book is found to be very useful for Machinists and Amateurs alike and is a great learning tool packed with extensive information for the trade.

5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, Hardcover with 192 Pages, fully illustrated.

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