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Damascus Steel by Hank Knickmeyer (an American Bladesmith Society DVD) 3 DVDs



Universal DVD, Color

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(NOTE: American Bladesmith Society DVDs are NOT Hollywood productions and some titles do not have DVD case art. They do offer the highest level of instruction by ABS Mastersmiths for serious knifemakers and bladesmiths)

This series of demonstrations were conducted at the First New England Hammer In held at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine.

This is a three (3) DVD set of ABS Master Smith Hank Knickmeyer demonstrating the making of several Damascus steel patterns including a powder metal Damascus billet.

This DVD set was filmed during the Fifth Mid America Bladesmithing Exposition held in Troy, Ohio which was sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc and hosted by the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil. 

DVD #1 of 3 contains the following Chapters:

1) Introduction & Candidate Steels                        

2) Twisting a Knife Edge Damascus Billet

3) 20 Element 1080/15N20 Billet                           

4) Forging the 1080/15N20 Billet

5) 1084/4 % Ni Powder Metal Billet Preparation  

6) Inserting Oxygen Getter

7) Installing Registration Marked End Caps          

8) Knickmeyer Knives Slide Show


DVD #2 of 3 contains the following Chapters:

1)  Powder Metal Billet Preparation                    

2)  Billet Heating Phenomenon

3)  Forging the Powder Metal Billet                    

4)  Re-Weld Billet’s Handle End-Cap

5)  Damascus Pattern Development                   

6)  Continue Bias Forging Powder Billet

7)  Forge a Welded on Edge Blade                       

8)  San-Mai Damascus Discussion

DVD #3 of 3 contains the following Chapters:

1)  Introduction                                                             

2)  1084/4%Nil PM Billet & Forging Discussion

3)  Pattern Damascus Forging Discussion              

4)  Forging Powder Metal Billet

5)  Forging Influences on Grain Structure              

6)  Bias Forging Billet & Etched Damascus Pattern

7)  Forging Rectangular Billet & Grinding Jig         

8)  Forge Weld Edge on Damascus Blade

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