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Cave Cooking: Wilderness and Survival Cooking DVD Library (5 DVD Set)


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5 Universal DVDs, 343 minutes total run time

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The five DVDs in this set include:

In the Woods: Karen Hood shows you how to clean and cook  fish, squirrel, marmot, maggot and some select wild edible plants. She teaches you how to make wilderness bread, make an amazing stone oven and a hobo stove and hobo oven. You’ll see the dough rising tent and how to get yeast from your environment. 1 hour.

Going Dutch: Important cooking methods for home and camp. You’ll learn about the “Dutch” oven, the types, the uses, how to "season"  it for use and how to care for it . You’ll also learn some great recipes! You’ll see the three basic types of solar cookers and how to make and use them. These things are used to cook daily meals all around the globe. You might not think using a Dutch Oven sounds like "survival cooking" but… think again. If you have no power… how do you bake, roast or cook with the greatest versatility? 73 minutes!

Frocks, Fat & Food: Some of the coolest chow, cooking tricks and gear you’ve seen yet. Learn how to cut and assemble a buckskin frock. Learn to make tallow from waste fat, real pemmican with dried beef, tallow candles and other cool things. In Idaho’s wild Karen will teach you how to put your wilderness cooking skills together. Learn how to combine pemmican, bannock (instructions included) and wild thistle to make a delicious and nutritious meal. Make wilderness pizza, stick bread and learn some special tricks about creating cooking gear from trash and more! 70 minutes.

Messin’ with Meat: Learn  the basics of smoking, curing, sausage-making, meat preservation and much more! Make home-made Italian sausage, oven jerky from flank steak and jerky from ground meat that doesn’t need refrigeration! Learn  the complete process of making home made Corned Beef and Pastrami! Ever heard of “Plank Cooking” – Karen shows and explains this whole process in easy to follow steps plus much more!. 65 minutes.

Buffalo Butchers – Primitive Cooking:   Follow the steps the American Indians would have taken to prepare and use an entire buffalo for food. Learn to make a Native American meat preservation rack and how to smoke meat using it. Learn how to use the Buffalo‘s stomach as a cooking vessel the ancient way. Learn how to cook Buffalo Stew using hot rocks, how to cook fish using bark and clay. 1 hour 15 minutes.

Total Run time 5 hours and 43 minutes.


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343 minutes total run time, 5 DVDs