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Build a Shay Locomotive (3 Book Set)


3 Book Set, over 600 pages of great instruction!!

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This excellent 3 book set offers model engineers, hobbyists and train enthusiasts some of the best Shay titles available at a special price. Over 600 pages of great instruction!!

A) Building the Shay by Kozo Hiraoka: By Kozo Hiraoka. Beautiful 3/4" scale plans and step-by-step instructions for Epfraim Shay’s geared locomotive.

Also included in this volume are several short articles describing the construction of valves and tools used in this project. Examples of locomotives built by others to Kozo’s design are shown as well.

The book also includes instructions for building in 1" and 1 1/2" scale.

194 pgs, Hardcover, 8.5" x 11".

B) Building the New Shay by Kozo Hiraoka: A 1920s SHAY IN 3/4" SCALE (with instructions for scaling up to 1-1/2").

Fifth in this fabulous series of locomotive construction books, by Kozo Hiraoka, this edition has put to test and perfected each step of the building process.

Instructions are concise and clear, and photographs by the builder are plentiful and sharp. Kozo Hiraoka’s draftsmanship and clarity are without equal!

This book has been confused by newcomers with Kozo’s first book, Building the Shay, but this new book covers building a 1920’s Shay. This earlier model Shay reflected the geared locomotive of the 1880’s.

Hundreds of detailed diagrams.

326 pages. Hardcover. Fully Illustrated.

C) Building the CliShay: Build a beautiful CliShay locomotive that is designed to be a blend of the very early, very real Shay and Climax locomotives.

Spiralbound, 112 pages

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