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Basic Rawhide Sheath Construction by John Cohea (2 DVDs)



2 Universal DVDs, 3 hours and 42 minutes

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Have you ever wanted to make a frontier style rawhide covered sheath but just didn’t know how? Here’s all the information you’ll need to get started!

Watch as frontier style knife maker and leather worker John Cohea takes you through the whole process. From the initial sheath design to the finished sheath, it’s all here in this information packed DVD set!

John will guide you through the following:
*  The types of leather and tools used,
*  Designing the sheath,
*  Cutting out the leather and rawhide,
*  Working with fringe,
*  Dyeing the sheath’s parts,
*  Test fitting the knife,
*  Sewing the sheath together,
*  Adding brass spots, beads, and tin cones,
*  Finishing out the sheath.

(Running Time: 3 Hours 42 Minutes).

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3 hours and 42 minutes