1) Basic Taig Micro-Lathe Techniques:

Would you like to be able to see for yourself what can be done on a Taig micro-lathe, with just minimal tooling and expense? Are you somewhat undecided about acquiring one of these small but very capable tools and somehow wished you could just see one being put through its paces before opening your wallet? Well, wait no more! Finally there is a video that will answer most of your basic questions about this lathe. 

Initial setup hints are discussed, during a thorough tour of the lathe and its basic components. This is followed with a complete hands-on demonstration of all the basic machining operations possible on this tool. These include: 

Facing; Turning; Grooving; cut off or parting cuts; chamfering; center drilling; drilling; reaming; tapping; thread cutting with a die; boring cuts; milling and much more!  

Running Time: Two Hours

With Jose Rodriguez

2) Advanced Taig Micro Lathe Operations with Jose Rodriguez (4 Hour DVD):

See the Taig Micro-Lathe perform some of the most unorthodox machining techniques most thought were impossible. Learn how to make 60-50-40 hole indexing plates and how to use it of the Taig. Get that tail stock set to within a few tenth in a couple of minutes with a simple shop made test bar and TDI. 

See a heavy-duty motorized cross slide drill rig that will perform any radial drilling as well as milling job. See a 50 division graduated dial being engraved with the use of a simple device. Turn the Taig into a miniature 3 in 1 machining center. Would you like a graduated carriage lead screw for your Taig? After viewing this video set, you will be able to make one in one evening. Learn to make and use several flex shaft milling and grinding units for both the cross slide and the vertical milling attached. 

How about auto feed for the carriage and cross slide! 

These are just some of the fun subjects that will be covered in this new and unique production  Advanced Taig Micro-Lathe Micro machining Techniques 

Running Time: Approximately four hours

With Jose Rodriguez

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