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Automobile Fender Construction & Replacement with Ron Covell and Kent White (2 DVD Set!)


2 Universal DVDs, 3 Hours and 12 minutes

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Two industry gurus provide the highest quality instruction in this set. This two DVD set contains:

SCRATCH BUILDING A FENDER (DVD) – WITH RON COVELL: What do you do if you have a car with a fender that is damaged beyond repair, or missing?

Ron shows how to use the opposite fender to design a buck, pointing out the features required to make a new fender that perfectly mirrors the model.

You’ll see him analyze a ’36 Ford fender, determine the number of pieces to make it from, and exactly where to place the seams to accommodate the intricate details, including the running board bulge and the rolled edge of the wheel opening.

This is a fascinating, in-depth look at the start-to-finish construction of a challenging project!

119 minutes.

FENDER ARCHES (DVD) – WITH KENT WHITE: This is a fly-on-the-wall style effort for those who want to watch a complete metal working process.

Be the fly-on-the-wall as two metal guys, Richard Ufheil and Kent White, “The Tin Man”, go after a pair of 1935 Packard front fenders needing fender (or wheel) arch replacement.

73 Minutes

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3 Hours and 12 minutes