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Armorer’s Guild January 2005 Session (3 DVDs!) with Joe Staley, Duane Wilkey and Dan Houchins


3 Universal DVDs, universal

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Volume I: An Introduction to Toolmaking – Presented by Joe Staley.  This DVD teaches all the basic techniques of the construction of tools. It includes free and low-cost sources of tool steel as well as the hardening and tempering of the tools.

Volume II: An Early 16th Century Garniture – Presented by Duane Wilkey. This DVD presents a beautiful circa 1506 garniture with all the exchange pieces for the joust. The garniture was made by the Master Armourer Robert MacPherson. In addition to the assembly of the armour and the full exchange of the harness for multiple forms of combat there is a selection of nearly 100 high detail photographs of the armour–inside and out. 

Volume III: Hardened Leather Armour – Presented by Dan Houchins. This DVD teaches revolutionary techniques of the construction of hardened leather armour. Of particular note is Dan’s work on a reproduction of a surviving 14th century arm defense from the British Museum. 

These videos play beautifully on your television in full digital quality!

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