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Alternative Energy Secrets by Steve Chastain: Practical Solutions for Personal Energy Problems

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Paperback, 192 pages

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The eighth book in Stephen Chastain’s DIY series, Alternative Energy Secrets is a companion text to his title Generators and Inverters. Alternative Energy Secrets focuses on overlooked fuels.

Extensive information regarding waste oils and their inexpensive conversion to useful fuels. Plans for a super fast oil collector trailer that picks up 200 gallons in a few minutes and does not form water emulsion like a gear pump will.

Describes oil cracking, blending, filtering, testing and construction of centrifuges to clean waste oils and make them suitable for use in home heating or as diesel fuel.

Construction of waste oil burners, and heaters, tips on off-grid power generation and converting your car to diesel are included. Practical how to. Very unusual material. Nothing like it anywhere on the market.

A must have for alternative energy users.

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