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7 x 12 Model 4100 High Torque Mini Lathe Introduction and Basic Setup with Jose Rodriguez (DVD)


Universal DVD, 60 minutes

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Finally a version of the famous Minilathe has been produced that I can say " They finally got it right ".

If you are in any way wondering if you should finally take the plunge and obtain one of these small machines, this DVD should help by answers any questions you may have had about todays’s Minilathes.

With its new more powerfull 500 watt motor, a much better electronic controler, RPM port, cam lock tailstock, very smooth carriage, cross and compound slide travel are just some of the features and improvents on this new version of the perennial minilathe!

If you are titering whether to take the plunge and consider adding one of these versatile little lathes to your existing shop, this DVD should answer any questions you may currectly have. See also the other 2 DVDs: 7 x 12 Model 4100 High Torque Variable Speed Mini Lathe Basic Operations (DVD), and, 7 x 12 Model 4100 High Torque Mini Lathe Advanced Operations (DVD).
Duration: Just about 1 hour.

With Jose Rodriguez

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1 hour circa