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2023 International Metal Design Annual (Metall Design International 2023)

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Hardcover, 232 pages, more than 400 color photos and sketches

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Here’s something to see: Seven metal designers and blacksmith workshops, each with a very individual range of excellently designed and executed items from utilitarian objects to art objects – in the new edition of the tried and tested yearbook “MetallDesign international” published by HEPHAISTOS.

Master blacksmith and sculptor Matthias Larasser-Bergmeister (Germany) learned the blacksmith’s craft from the renowned teachers Manfred Bergmeister and German Larasser. His oeuvre is wide-ranging, designing and making contemporary furniture, grilles, gates and railings as well as trend-setting church furnishings.

Born in Russia, Dmitrii Volkov lives and works in the USA. As a blacksmith and sculptor, he designs and makes sculptures and jewelry from steel, silver, copper, bronze, wood and glass. Artfully designed objects of daily use are also part of his portfolio. Every work is thought through with extraordinary sensitivity down to the last detail.

What can be the creative-craftsman profile of a monastery smithy? This is a question that Fr Abraham, director of the monastery smithy at Königsmünster Abbey (Germany), often asks himself. The boundaries between pastoral care, theology and craft as well as design always open up new subject areas.

Jim de Missolz is often called the “last blacksmith of Paris”. He is a locksmith and metalworker, specializing in fine metalwork and providing exceptional fittings for interior designers, ministries, public buildings, private individuals as well as companies.

In 1991, Peter De Bruyn started building his own blacksmith’s workshop in Erembodegem, Belgium. In 2006, his son Koen De Bruyn also joined the forge. The focus is on the production of railings in a wide variety of shapes, on contemporary artistic wrought-iron work as well as restorations.

Kurt Lange’s heart belongs to the untreated surface, which is allowed to take on a natural patina. In the eyes of the German, rust is not an enemy of the material, but its necessary companion. His wife Isabel Lange makes heavy things light when she perforates iron plates for her sculptures, leaving only fine webs.

Jiri Nemec has been running a forge workshop in the Czech Republic since 2007. Stylistically, he has a great affinity with Art Nouveau, and he is still strongly influenced by the works of Claudio Bottero, Gabriele Curtolo, Pavel Tasovsky and Karel Bures. He has already won several awards at the Hefaiston at Helfstyn Castle.

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