Get the latest edition of this international bestseller, it’s better than ever. Because turning is a hot topic with both aspiring and seasoned woodworkers, Woodturning – a Foundation Course has enjoyed immense popularity. True to its name, it introduces the fundamentals and provides a solid understanding of turning techniques. This book offers newbies a realistic entry point into the craft and serious furniture makers the skills to create chair legs, newels, balusters, and more.

This definitive guide on woodturning now comes with a DVD.  A timeless classic, Woodturning – aFoundation Course is comprehensive in scope. Each chapter provides in-depth coverage of fundamentals: accessories, lathes, sharpening instructions, and essential skills, along with a handy checklist and summary. The 90-minute companion DVD demonstrates must-know techniques in step-by-step detail.

Even novices can turn into skilled craftsmen. With years of hands-on turning experience under his belt, Keith Rowley shares his knowledge and introduces you to the subtle art of creating beautifully shaped goblets, bowls, lamps, staircase components, and more. And, with this DVD, you can review all or any part of the course whenever you wish.

Get your copy of Woodturning – a Foundation Course and start creating artful pieces you might never have thought possible before opening the cover.

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