Thinking about buying a MIG welder, but aren’t really sure if it is right for you? Do you already have a MIG, but feel like you could use a few pointers? Still stick welding and wonder why all your friends are raving about their MIG machines? If that’s the case, then the MIG Training DVD will be money well spent. 

"Welcome to the World of MIG Welding", HTP’s professionally prepared 52 minute video, gives you an in-depth, through-the-helmet view of MIG welding.

The DVD opens up and briefly explains the inside of a MIG welder and how it works. An explanation of the front panel controls follows. Next is a powerful, close-up, through-the-helmet view of welding (just like you are doing it yourself). You can actually see the wire coming out of the nozzle and the resulting molten puddle of metal.

We show you how to adjust the wire feed rate, tack weld, plug weld, spot weld, stitch weld and seam weld. The DVD is filled with welding tips and pointers. See several metalworking tools in action. Take a look through one of the new Striker Auto-Darkening welding helmets.

We actually cut a fender in half and weld it back together! The DVD closes with a section on common wear and tear maintenance items – testing the liner, setting the wire drive tension, changing the contact tip and so on. See how easy welding can be!

52 minutes run time.

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52 minutes