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The Miniature Table Saw with Jose Rodriguez: Featuring the PREAC Precision Miniature Table Saw (DVD)



The Art of Miniature Cabinet Making. Universal DVD, 90 minutes

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(Please Note: The Publisher of this DVD does not include cover art – on paper – in the DVD case. We supply these excellent DVDs to you as the publisher supplies them to us.)
Featuring the Preac Miniature Precision table saw.
My jump to Micromachining came after almost two decades of designing and building scale reproductions of existing pieces of antique period furniture. Just like in the real world of fine full size cabinet making where accuracy is everything, I will teach you how to scale and produce accurate and realistic cuts, joints and other detail that will make the difference between a “toy” miniature and a Reproduction true to the original. 
The table saw is the workhorse in any wood working shop and so it is in the miniature shop as well. Accuracy is also proportional to the scale you are reducing the original. It is therefore extremely important that you not only have a tool capable of such accuracy, but know how to properly coax that level of accuracy out of it. 
In this video you will learn all about this saw and how to make every cut required for most work cabinet making situations as well as simply how to do it MINI style.
Running Time: Approximately 1-1/2 hours
With Jose Rodriguez

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90 minutes