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The Artist Blacksmith’s Craft by Julius Schramm – U

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Also Includes Schramm’s ‘My Life as an Artist-Blacksmith’!!! Softcover, 156 pages

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Foreword by Francis Whitaker and
Translated by Robert A. Ruhloff

Schramm wrote two books, The Artist-Blacksmith’s Craft and My Life as Artist-Blacksmith. They were originally published in German in 1935 and 1941 and now are published here in one volume that provides fascinating detail of the artist’s work.

Schramm was one of pre-war Germany’s great artist-blacksmiths who not only let his art speak for his ideals, but who shared his ideals out of concern for the craft.

This edition provides fascinating detail of the artist’s 70 years and is a book for the artist-blacksmiths of today, who carry on the tradition of honesty and integrity at the forge.

It is a book for those who seek to understand a man of ideals and ideas, from whom we all can learn.

Translated by Robert A. Ruhloff he says, “Schramm’s words in The Artist-Blacksmith’s Craft speak to blacksmiths today with just as much importance as they did when he wrote them, at the age of seventy.”

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