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The American Cartridge: an Illustrated Study of the Rimfire Cartridge in The United States by Chas. R. Suydam

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Softcover, 184 pages, more than 425 cartridge photos, full scale

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The American Cartridge is an illustrated study of the rimfire cartridge in the United States written by Charles R. Suydam.

There are more than 425 full scale cartride photos; 75 rimfire calibers, 36 mfgs.

Of  U.S. rimfire named & located and 45 RF cartridges identified with more than 80 foreign headstamps listed.

Checklist of 350 less common U.S. headstamps, cross referenced by manufacturer/caliber.

Over 125 RF cartridge boxes pictured along with rare labels.

Comment and historic data on the firearms that used the RF cartridge; suggestions on cleaning and how to display collections.

Softcover, reprint, 7” x 9 ½”, 184 pages, fully illustrated.

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2005 reprint


Pioneer Press