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Shaping Aluminum Wheel Pants with Kent White (DVD)



Rated by Skinned Knuckles magazine as the best hand tool video available! Universal DVD, 2 Hours and 6 Minutes

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Rated 4 stars (out of 4) by EAA!

Used for years by the FAA to teach safety in the shop!

Rated by Skinned Knuckles magazine as the best hand tool video available!

With seven simple hand tools (not including the torch, snips, mallet, stump, forming bag, slapper, dolly, and clamp), a set of wheel pants, a motorcycle tank, or some other closed hollow shape can be constructed. This DVD introduces you to temper (hardness), thickness, and alloy (composition of the aluminum). 

You are shown how the metal behaves to certain working methods, such as stretching on the forming bag using a heavy metal shaping mallet, and shrinking using hand tools. When the metal is worked it “work hardens” and the strength increases – to a point. To avoid going beyond the point of workability and cracking or fracturing the metal, you are shown how to anneal the aluminum, using the Oxy-acetylene torch and a temperature indicator, in this case, soot and a Tempilstick (heat-level indicating crayon). 

You are shown how to take a 2 dimensional cocktail napkin sketch of a shape, and turn it into a 3 dimensional mockup, or EMT (engineering/manufacturing template) or station buck. We then divide the large complex shapes down into bite-sized pieces, using hand snips, paper patterns, and then making our blanks. Layout, cutting, deburring, and forming are shown in succession, with planishing to get the final fit as the last step. 

Finally you are shown the three standard metal shaping machines, the Air Power Hammer for rapid roughing of hollow compound shapes, the Pullmax machine, fitted with the TM Technologies thumbnail shrinking dies, and the English Wheel, for giving the precise shape and finish to a polished aircraft panel.

2 hours and 6 minutes.

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2 hours and 6 minutes